Questions and Answers

Q: What is 8 Days of Greatness?

A: 8 Days of Greatness is an opportunity for all people, regardless of age or location, to participate in a movement to spread greatness by giving something of themselves daily during the event. During this time you will receive an email each morning with a suggestion for spreading greatness within your community that corresponds with the daily theme. 8 Days of Greatness will take place May 20th – May 27th.

Q: What is the origin of 8 Days of Greatness?

A: 8 Days of Greatness commemorates and celebrates the way the Cincinnati community came together in May 2014, when over 1000 volunteers, friends and complete strangers worked together for 8 days and spent countless hours searching for U.C. student Brogan Dulle. Another 25,000 supporters joined the Help Find Brogan Dulle Facebook page, offering words of encouragement, tips and more. Although the outcome was not what we had hoped and prayed, the outpouring of pure greatness inspired us to create a campaign that both celebrates the greatness and power of helping one another as well as honors Brogan’s memory.

Q: What is the goal for gr8ness?

A: Our goal is to get people everywhere spending time each of the 8 Days giving of themselves to make this world a better place and through this, making ourselves better people. Every day we ask that people share their photos, stories, and acts of greatness with us via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email so that we can show the world how greatness is spread.

Q. Is the 8 Days of Greatness raising money for a specific charity or organization?

A. 8 Days of Greatness is not a fundraiser. We encourage people to donate to charities or organizations that they embrace.

Q: When and where will the 8 Days of Greatness take place?

A: 8 Days of Greatness will take place May 20th – May 27th. It is not limited to a specific location. It is not an event as much as it is a movement! Greatness takes place wherever people are spreading it.