We have decided to launch the ultimate mission: to envision GR8NESS together. 8 Days of Greatness is an opportunity for all people, regardless of age or location, to participate in a movement to spread greatness by giving something of themselves daily for 8 days.


8 Days of Greatness will take place
May 20th through May 27th, 2019.


8 Days of Greatness is not a fundraiser. It is a way for all of us to tap into that greatness by giving something of ourselves, small or large, near or far. It will involve acts of greatness around a specific theme each day. The themes were chosen to reflect Brogan’s zest for life and our desire to honor his memory.


Last May over 3,500 people registered to participate in 8 Days of Greatness. All 50 states, over 17 countries and numerous schools spent 8 days giving a little of themselves for a big return. Imagine what would happen if we made each of these themes a habit – if we decided that we were going to spread a little more kindness, be a little more thankful, celebrate all the joys we have on a daily basis…
We look forward to hearing how your lives and the lives of others are being changed because of the gr8ness YOU are spreading!

Click to see the Gr8nesss launch video…

We want YOU to help us spread gr8ness.

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