May 18th – May 25th, 2020

Five years ago we launched 8 Days of Greatness to honor Brogan’s memory but also to highlight the greatness all around us.  We wanted to thank the people who helped during those long 8 days that Brogan was missing.  Family, friends and strangers, near and far, came together to do whatever they could to look for our son, brother, nephew, friend.  The outpouring of love was amazing and we wanted 8 Days of Greatness to encourage people to tap into that spirit again.

I think a lot about what Brogan would think about this whole pandemic thing.  I know he would be absolutely fascinated by it…by the virus itself, how it all started and how we are dealing with it…physically, mentally.  I imagine long talks about the philosophy of social distancing.  Brogs wasn’t good at distancing.  He was an excitable, in your face, engaging guy.  I can’t imagine masks would be his thing because he liked to see faces…smiles, laughter, joy.

But here we are in a whole new way of experiencing life.  It is different and scary but there is also so much good.  While the news can be disheartening, I have found that we are seeing people reach down deep and do so much good.  People are engaging with each other in new ways.  The creativity and lengths people are going to bring joy to others is amazing.  This isn’t affecting just a few…it is all of us, together, adapting and sharing what we have.  In some ways, the past few months have been one big GR8NESS project.  We are seeing unprecedented acts of Kindness, Gratitude, Generosity, Love, Selflessness, Remembrance, Passion and Celebration.

This year, on each of the eight days, let’s show our greatness by embracing that day’s theme but let’s also honor someone else who has shown their version of greatness.   Do your act of greatness but share how someone else’s greatness has helped you.  We are a community of GR8NESS and now, more than ever, we need to highlight it.

Brogan’s initials are TBD which always struck me as funny…he was “to be determined”.  We used this theme with GR8NESS a lot…#gr8nesstbd…our greatness is to be determined – a work in progress.  This year we don’t need to say that it is “to be determined”.  GR8NESS is everywhere.  Let’s practice it, showcase it and spread it.

Beth Dulle

It all began in May of 2015 when over 3,500 people registered to participate in 8 Days of Greatness. All 50 states and 17 countries were represented.  People spent 8 days giving a little of themselves for a big return. Imagine what would happen if we make each of these themes a habit – if we decide that we are going to spread a little more kindness, be a little more thankful, celebrate all the joys we have on a daily basis…

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We want YOU to help us spread GR8NESS.

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